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Why Choose ECO GAS?

– We provide central gas to each of houses, buildings, villas, factories, Facilities, restaurant
and bakery
– Providing all required equipments such as tanks, counters, extentions and gas detectors
– providing a well trained team to proceed projects
– Transforming factories from solar to gas

That includes fire systems & programed extingushers, Water monitor,Hydrolic looks, Tanks & as cylinders, Gas networks, Gas pumbs, Air networks, Steam boilers, Gas transfer units, Cylinder replacing instrument, Truck tank and Gas cars filling machines
Saleh Amoor

Technologies We Use

Steam Boilers

Manufacturing steam boilers for factories , hospitals & dry clean laundries

Fire fighting & hydrolic

selling & installing fire systems and programed extingushers & water monitors

Swimming pools

Installing water filters, purifying systems & heating systems for swimming pools

Water projects

Contracting & supplying water projects with pipes, counters & water networks parts

Central heating & Air conditioning

Selling & installing central heating systems (gas, diesel) for houses & swimming pools Selling & installing central air conditioning systems

Solar Energy

Manufacturing & installing solar heaters and central heating systems for buildings & swimming pools selling & installing water boliers in different sizes & brands

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Gas & Mechanical Techniques